It's late in the day, the group is getting tired after a long day of hiking one of the hikers slips
and breaks an ankle. You are 3 hours from help
, what are you going to do?

Improper care of even the simplest of injuries in a wilderness setting can lead to a life or death
situation. Be prepared take a course!  
Save A Life offers unique Wilderness First Aid courses that focus on problem solving skills not
normally found in an urban first aid course.  
Wilderness First Aid Courses Are WSIB Recognized.

In Addition, Save a Life provides....

First Aid, CPR, AED

Wilderness Survival

Workshops, Presentations on
swift water/ice rescue.

Customized Courses

Media Paul Tarsitano provides information on a variety of outdoor first aid and wilderness survival
topics for TV, Radio, and print Media.
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Save A Life Inc.
Wilderness First Aid